Monday, November 16, 2009

Why do people enforce European standards of beauty on non-euporeans?

In the fashion industry, the ideal beauty is tall, thin, straight hair, light skin, and I think they don't like big butts. So, what are blacks, latinas, native americans are supposed to do when they don't have those things? Is it right to say, "I'm latina and latinas are curvy and are not built like whites?

Why do people enforce European standards of beauty on non-euporeans?
Stop being a complainer. Mice think mice are pretty and horses think horses are pretty, what is your problem. Latins like Latins and so on. But have you ever thought that maybe they dont force it, but most people agree? Have you ever thought that maybe those feature are truly universally desirable? Can you prove that they are not?

And stop being a latin racist .
Reply:I've never noticed any difference in body shape among any races. Unless it's Samoans. They're noticeably bigger. Are you paranoid or something?
Reply:Hell Yeah! I'm proud to be black and beautiful and curvaceous. You have to ignore the standards and just have a standard for yourself.And have a ton of confidence and find other people who confident in you as well as themselves. Don't ever feel ashamed for being different,cuz different is better than the norm.
Reply:Have you ever heard of Naomi Campbell? International model and black. Tyra Banks. Blaming Europeans for this. That a joke when you have people in the USA like Calsta Flockhart who look like they anorexia's. So blame the fashion industry for this.
Reply:There' no such a thing as ideal beauty. Beauty is, simply, symmetry - and that is to what people should strive.

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