Friday, November 20, 2009

What are the Rules & Standards for Personal Hygiene?

So I had an interesting conversation and discussion with a friend about this....

Personal Hygiene is subject to individual interpretation and preferences, Thus, the term " Personal Hygiene ".

How often do you Change or Wash your bed sheets...? Some people feel the need and it necessary to be sanitary and appropriate to change and wash them Everyday and some once a week, and some after sex. Everybody needs to make their own decision on whats acceptable. Some see once a week is Unacceptable and filthy because a person naturally sheds dead skin cells daily and looses hair follicles indiscriminately ( that's why in the food manufacture industry people are required to wear hair nets ) also, bed mites are common in every home and feed on the dead skin and hair.

How many times a day do you brush your teeth...? Some people feel the need to only brush Once a day whether in the morning or night, others twice a day morning %26amp; night and even others three times a day after every meal..

What are the Rules %26amp; Standards for Personal Hygiene?
At least one shower every day. (I'll try to take another one more before sex)

Minimum 2x day brush teeths. (I really would like to do it 4x day)

I shave my beard once in a week (I work at home)

I belive that most of the people thinks like that about bath.

But most of the mans shave their beards more than that.

That's my routine.

Cheers bro!
Reply:wow. You're a looney tune.

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