Monday, November 16, 2009

If you could do ANYTHING in the world, what would you do?

I would take those people who work in the fur industry, hang THEM by THEIR feet and skin THEM alive to make a profit!

And find a cure for Cancer..

If you could do ANYTHING in the world, what would you do?
I would buy a farm and rescue stray dogs and cats. This is a place where they would live like royalty and never again suffer in the hands of humans. Plus, to make a living, my husband and I would make one of a kind hand made sweaters from sheep's wool, soaps, perfumes, etc............. and sell it online.
Reply:how about change everyone's heart to a golden heart...;-) nice huh?....
Reply:Find a cure for cancer ,aids,hivs!

I would save all the people in the world from poverty!

And i would do Everything to get every one in the world to know about Jesus and to become a Christian
Reply:Like if I could have one wish?

I'd want to be able to speak every language in the world fluently.

I'd get paid to be flown all over the world and meet and talk to all sorts of people. I'd be rich.
Reply:take all races and all nationalities all over the world and make all of them peaceful...make all leaders of every nation get along without wars....and bring all my alien bodies from zoltar down to zap anybody that dont get along..
Reply:Adopt every child who wasn't loved by their parents, and take in every pet that wasn't properly cared for by their owners.

Lock all the rapists and molesters in one room together without windows, food or water and leave them there so they can feel as desolate and miserable as they made their victims feel.

Find cures for diseases like AIDS, cancer, and other things.

And rescue all the victims of sex trafficking and human trafficking and give each and every one of them the chance of a good life and the best medical care I could find.

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