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i feel sick!! OMG!! It all started when I was doing research on PETA....and EEWWW!! I went to their website and saw a couple of videos.... dude...i feel sick.

Well, one of them were these clothing industries in China and they were skinning animals alive....


i, myself, love animals a lot and hope that one day every single animal in the world will come to live in peace starting at least now

I can't bear to see all of them suffering

those people!!! do they not have feelings at all? i understand it may be their job and all, but can't they at least imagine how it would feel to suffer tragically like that?

I'm upset that there's nothing for me to do because no one will listen to a mere "child".

does anyone know what to do??

i want to stop this.

Hi there...please note that PETA misrepresents themselves to the public. They believe that no person should have a pet--not even a goldfish! PETA has euthanized more animals than any other shelter in the nation.

Please review the following website to learn the truth about PETA:

7 Things You Didn't Know About PETA:

There are many better animal advocacy organizations who truly care about animal welfare.
Reply:Nice Info Report It

Reply:Don't be fooled by PETA's photos and videos. Many have been proven to be set ups, and totally fake. Don't you ever wonder why a horrible animal torturing company would allow so many different people to just come in and get pics and videos of all of their torture? Don't you imagine that they would be super careful about who they let in to see things? Isn't it amazing how clear and POSE like the pics and such are? To answer the question of what to do to stop cruelty, I can only say use your common sense,,,,and use your energy to work for a goal that protects and saves animals based on reality,,,and not fanatic fake pictures and videos. Find a local group that you can see the good they do for yourself, instead of relying on set up photos/vids on the internet from a animal group that kills more animals a year than shelters.
Reply:I understand your reaction to PETA, understand PETA they want to make you sick they want you to feel just the way your did they really feel that if they can cause people to respond as you did they are doing their job. They are the group that tried to tell children that their parents were murders for eating meat or fish. I truly believe we will one day not eat other beings but we are not there yet. I do not believe in that what they show or tell is as bad as PETA show who knows maybe I the child in this one. You could start by writing to the Chine's government, check with FDA in the US. Don't buy anything from China small things but it will help you move forward and who know what you will learn on your way good luck
Reply:I strongly question the validity of anything PETA publishes.. A couple years ago they distributed a video saying that fur from China was made out of dog fur when it was really made out of an animal's fur from an animal called the raccoon dog that is raised for fur and hunted out of the wild..

Whether to wear fur or not is a personal, moral choice.. To make a law against it infringes on human rights. To make it difficult for farmers to raise meat animals by passing crippling legislation like complete bans of farrowing crates for sows in a disguised attempt to eliminate meat-eating is also an invasion on human rights.. A time limit on farrowing crates should obviously be in place, but, just about anyone who raises pigs for meat or as a hobby will tell you that many new mother pigs will roll over and crush their young to death, obviously, during the last week of pregnancy and first couple weeks after birth, a farrowing crate is just about necessary if you don't want to lose a lot of piglets.. The whole point of the complete ban on farrowing crates is to cripple the industry of raising meat. What happens to the pigs in those states? They are often butchered off, or moved to another state because of the great losses that would be incurred by not using the crates.. Just like the beak trimming they want banned by showing a few shots of what can happen when it goes wrong. Well, great, but if you don't do it they cannibalize each other which PETA knows full well. The whole point, is to destroy the meat industry..

The individuals who commit crimes like that should be punished individually.. There are horrible people that do cruel things to other humans and animals every day. Does that mean that all people are horrible and cruel? No!

Most slaughterhouses have very strict rules on how animals must be killed to make it as humane as possible..

Here's an example

In other words, the animal MUST be dead before it is hoisted, thrown cast or cut.. In other words, the video you saw is of someone committing a crime and the person taking the video letting it happen. They don't want to prosecute one person though, so they videotape that crap and show that as an example of an entire group.. That's like showing a video of someone torturing a pet and insisting all pets are treated that way because you have a video of a few being treated that way..

When PETA passes a law, just humane isn't good enough and human rights don't matter..

Here's a bunch of PETA links you may want to read through..

I'm going to post a whole bunch of links, one set about how PETA believes, and another set from the ASPCA...

All PETA links are directly from PETA...

Their entire goal is total animal liberation... That is the entire point of an animal rights organization which is why I am for animal welfare, not animal rights..

Total animal liberation would include...

To gradually get rid of all companion animals through mandatory altering and euthanasia...

"We at PETA very much love the animal companions who share our homes, but we believe that it would have been in the animals' best interests if the institution of "pet keeping"—i.e., breeding animals to be kept and regarded as "pets"—never existed."

"Animal Rights Uncompromised:

There's No Such Thing as a 'Responsible Breeder'"

"Having witnessed the painful deaths of countless feral cats instead of seeing them drift quietly "to sleep" in their old age, we cannot in good conscience advocate trapping, altering, and releasing as a humane way to deal with overpopulation and homelessness."

"The only way to make our communities "no-kill" is to work toward a "no-birth" nation through legislative measures that mandate spaying or neutering"

They also are against conservation of WILD animals through for instance, reintroduction to the wild

If they don't want animals released to the wild, but, they want to get rid of zoo's, where do they want those animals to go?

"PETA opposes zoos because zoo cages and cramped enclosures deprive animals of their most basic needs.

Returning captive-bred animals to the wild is, in most cases, impossible because animals reared in zoos are denied the opportunity to learn survival skills, may carry diseases picked up from other animals at the zoo or even from people, and often have no natural habitat left to return to because of human encroachment."

I really want to know what animals they think they are helping.. Not domestic animals, companion animals, working animals or wild animals, so, what animals exactly do they think they're helping?


here are the stances on the same issues by the ASPCA, an animal welfare organization.. Read and compare..

Here's the ASPCA's views on the same issues, in an easy to understand, clear format presented in such a manner so as not to mislead anyone.. .. I don't even have to find all the pages for you, they're all there neatly categorized..

For instance,

Pet/human bond


"2.1 Human/Companion Animal Bond

The ASPCA recognizes the legitimacy of the human/companion animal bond. It is the ASPCA’s belief that appropriate pets carefully maintained are fully justified, and that both humans and animals benefit from the relationship."

ASPCA- Responsible Breeders..

"2.5 Sources of Companion Animals

Because there are homeless pets awaiting adoption in almost every community in the nation, the ASPCA strongly advocates that persons wishing to acquire a pet consider adopting one from a shelter or other source of homeless animals. Those who are committed to acquiring a specific breed of animal should locate a responsible breeder. The ASPCA does not support purchasing or otherwise acquiring animals from large-scale commercial breeders, the retail outlets they supply, or casual “backyard” breeders. "

Position on requiring altering

"2.15 Companion Animal Birth Control

The ASPCA strongly recommends that all companion dogs and cats, except those who are part of a responsible breeder’s breeding program, be spayed or neutered. "

very different from the "No-birth" nation model PETA wants..

Feral Cats

"2.23 Feral Cat Management

The ASPCA recognizes that trap, neuter and return (TNR) is the most humane approach to managing the feral cat population problem in the United States. At the same time, the ASPCA recognizes that feral cats can threaten wildlife species and that some environments are not suitable for feral cat colonies. Therefore the ASPCA supports TNR in general but would oppose it under circumstances that pose a threat to the welfare of the cats themselves, the public or indigenous wildlife species."

They for conservation efforts, even if it means sometimes relocating animals

Saving endangered species, even if it means intruding on them

"When one species preys upon or competes with another to the point that a species is threatened or endangered, human intervention may be necessary. In such cases, the ASPCA advocates trapping and relocation and other humane methods of resolving the conflict."

AND ASPCA thinks zoos play a vital role in conservation and captive breeding efforts..

"The ASPCA recognizes the practical value of legitimate zoos and aquariums that have a mission of conservation and education. The ASPCA therefore supports the exhibition, study and breeding of animals in these settings, providing that the institutions meet stringent criteria for the humane care of the animals they house. "
Reply:There's plenty you can do!!!

1-Stop eating meat. PETA will send you a free vegetarian startup kit

2-Don't wear leather or anything else coming from an animal

3-Encourage people wanting pets to adopt from their local shelter

4-PETA has this great kit designed just for kids, and I think it's either very cheap or free.

If you believe these other people, there are other sights that will PROVE the unbelievable cruelity to animals!!! Peta only puts down animals that are suffering and cannot be saved!!!! Also, they discourage people taking in pets because a lot of people don't take care of them, that's why there are so many in the shelters!!!!!


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