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How to avoid cancer in the human body?

you may wonder why american people are most people who are suffering from cancer , cyst , colon cancer , skin disease and others....

WHY?? " BEEF meat"

Burger , steak , Fries (mcdonald %26amp; other fastfood chain (Tallow or Beef oil being used )

beef is = Virus Booster

Beef information is not being publish in the health, because it will kill the cow market and industry.

Shrimp and crab are also secondary virus booster.

at least you have known these info, you want to know more or curious and not convince?? or want proof? or testing?? email me,

AND share this information to person you care and love , or other people. SAVE life

How to avoid cancer in the human body?
Three important factors:

- Don't smoke

- Stay fit

- Die young

According to Scientific Americans special issue on cancer (sept. 99?) the majority of cancers can be associated with age, smoking or lack of exercise in combination with too much food. About 25% could not be attributed to any cause you could possibly influence, less than 5% could be attributed to radiation (UV, and some to natural radioactivity), less than 5% are a consequence of earlier exponation to carcinogenes in work, and less than 2% to general environmental pollution. The effect of virus and alcohol was not quantified.

The 25% you cannot avoid is mainly due to byproduct of your ordinary metabolism, mainly due to oxygene reduction creating a certain amount of oxygene radicals.
Reply:Cancer is mostly genetic.
Reply:Do you wonder why Americans are dying from cancer at such a fast speed every year?

Well, get the facts:

1. In most cities there are over 60,000 artificial chemicals tha enter the body and accumulate in the lymphatic system.

2. Almos all of our foods are either radiated, full of articial additives, colorants, or have been processed at such a high temperature that their nutrient's molecular estructure is re-arranged or re-designed to kill you slowly--inflammatory diseases whi eventually lead to cancer!

3. Most people drink less than 1/8th the amount of water they should drink, and cellular dehydration, in time, will definitely deprogram the cells' DNA = cancer.

4. This is a fried food or "fast food" nation. Animal fat, or refined vegetable oils, or hydrogenated oils, are responsible for the depletion of vital biochemical materials necessary to pevent bio-chaos within the cells' environment.

5. Add also the fact that we never pay attention to what we put on our skins... Whatever we use on our skins will only take 4 minutes to reach the liver. If by chance that cream or hydrating whatever you're using, is filled with petrochemicals or any other unnatural chemical, chances are that your body will have to store tons of toxins through the years. And toxins play a key rol in cancer onset.

5. And last but not least, as a society we're immersed so deeply into cooked foods, with little raw food on our table. Raw foods compensate the biological stress we submit our bodies to when we abuse cooked foods.

Here you got it!
Reply:When you find the answer to that question you would not be able to count your money without thousands of people looking over your shoulder. Cancer was even prevalient during "ShakeSpear's time. I know it has to be generic. But then you ask how can some people live to be well over 100. One lady in Russa lived to be 126 yrs.old. Documented!

I told one of my doctors many, many years ago that I was ate up with cancer but you experts in the Medical Profession cannot find it. LOL. Even my Urologist died at 37, guess what? from Kidney cancer. His son now has his practive. Mel Duggan, was his name. Looked great, but next time I called for an appointment he was as dead, as dead can get. I don't understand, and never will I ever understand.

I did not want to mention this but maybe an Urologist is on-line. I had my P checked 24 months ago at it was 4.2.

My PCP sent me to an Urologist and sure enough out of 13 bi-ops taken I had one cancer core with 5% involvement whatever that means. Six months later I went back and my PSA level was 6.3. The left side of the gland was clean. Now instead of an operation which I thought I was to have he has placed me on the "active survelliance" list. So I go back on November 11th to get anothr PSA test. he says that it is still contained in the gland, but how in the hell does he know.

I think he is delaying the operation due to other problems, and the problems I had coming out of my last two surgeries, knee, and cyst on back. I have a friend I gruaduated with that is an MD in another city not far from me. I am going to talk with him and see if I can get an opinion on what to do. The Urologist will give you your options but will not tell you you should do this.
Reply:Cancer crosses all borders. It is not exclusive to Americans at all. In fact according to the 2007 statistics Americans with cancer are declining due to public awareness and better treatment. Countries that are struggling with cancer are lower income that do not have access to good healthcare.

US Cancer Deaths Down for Second Year

Recent Declines 'No Fluke'

No one needs to contact you for this information. It is available free on the American Cancer Society website:

ACS Guidelines for Eating Well and Being Active

Eating Lots of Red Meat Linked to Colon Cancer

Risk Less Than That Posed by Obesity

2007 Statistics on Cancer Rates in Us

Mona Lisa or Sapphire which one is hot for a future famous singer?

hey im 17 and my vocal range is likefrom mary j blige tina turner and beyonce i have an 2.3 octave range and im light skin almond shape eyes and curvy body i just wanna know like i dont know any names stages names that represents me im a leo that's my sign and you could look up at leo and see what are dislikes and likes about us but anyways i just wanna havea stage names everyone can remember pronounce like everyone know beyonce and mary j blige they have sexyfamous names i dont wanna use my real names robin dont wanna mistaken for robin thicke or rihanna real names robin i wanna have my own real names like something no one ever heard before something that's hot witha a bice body im a good role model and i dont wanna sell sex like people do in the industry but i some names from you guys and i know yahoo answers have smart people with intelligience you think MONA LISA OR SAPPHIRE is hot like im an r%26amp;b chick withpop and jazz all together something that hot HELP! HOT NAMES!!!

Mona Lisa or Sapphire which one is hot for a future famous singer?
Sorry I haven't heard your stuff so I can't give a valid opinion, but here are some tips:

- Your name should be a reflection of the style that you are bringing.

- since you're an r%26amp;b mixed with pop %26amp; jazz your name should reflect the merging of those three different musical genres - it should be vibrant yet smooth

- perhaps you should seek a name that is an oxymoron since you are merging genres that are not generally brought together in order to represent the merging of those three worlds

- provide a combonation of where you're from or something that reminds you of where you've been (e.g. Dru Hill, 702)

Additional Info:

- I would not go with Mona Lisa for legal reasons as there is already an r%26amp;b singer named Mona Lisa.

- Sapphire does not seem to incorpate the pop element that you are bringing. I find that the name leans more towards the jazz side.

- Perhaps you could do what Rihanna did which was to use to her middle name as her stage name or you could present a combination of your first and middle names

- or use just your last name such as r%26amp;b singer Avant
Reply:Neither one....can't really show off your voice or style with something else for a really hot sound ....and voice show off...
Reply:Personally, I think you're the only one that can really decide on a name because you know yourself better than anyone else. As long as your name is catchy and it reflects you. Given the choise of those 2 names I'd choose Sapphire cuz Mona Lisa was already used by a female R%26amp;B singer. There's a link to her song below.

I want to become a model, but I don't know where to start. Does anyone have any suggestions,ideas,connections?

I'm 5'8, slim, pretty, exoctic features, African- American: light brown skin, brown hair, dark brown eyes, and 18 yrs. old.

If anyone knows of anything to help me, your help would be greatly appreciated. I've been told a lot that I should try modeling, but so far I've been focused on school. Modeling and fashion is my passion but I'm not sure how to get started in the fashion industry... Help please

I want to become a model, but I don't know where to start. Does anyone have any suggestions,ideas,connections?
Your too short to be a fashion model by most standards but I would still give it a shot! Look up the modeling agencies in your area and ask if they have open calls or if you can send in your pic. Keep in mind- NO legitimate modeling agency will ask you to pay money to them. If they want you to do classes or give them money for pictures- run! There will probably be lots of agencies like this when you do your search. Also, NY and LA are hotspots for modeling so if you're close to there, you might want to make a trip.
Reply:I would suggest doing your home work 1st, find places online where models and photographers and other professionals in the business hang out, Try to make a few model friends with models that have experience that can answer questions about the business for you, provide your practical and advice from experience.

Do a web search or go to your local library and find any information on how to get started as a model and begin to learn the game, as modeling is much much more than "me pretty take my picture"

The more you learn from info online and published info the quicker you will learn what to be wary of and what to avoid.

Be prepared to handle rejection and not let that phase you or end your interest just keep pounding the pavement because modeling is competitive and with 1,000's upon 1,000's of models out there it is not easy to do as it may seem and yes many girls are told "they should be a model" when in fact maybe they should not's easy to be the cutest girl in your local sphere but when you try to enter the world of modeling you will find you will not be prettiest girl in the place and may not get noticed like you may be use among your friends or area.

Success as a model may never be because of your personal efforts to be successful but may be pure luck and being in the right place at the right time.

Models like Cindy Crawford who wasn't even thinking of being a model at the time, I think was something like 16 and working after school or something like that in a corn field in Illinois when a photographer spotted her by chance and the rest is history, and that story in different forms can be heard from many top models in one variation or other on how they became a model, naturally your not tall enough for fashion modeling or runway but there are other areas girls like you based on your looks and body may have success in.

If your serous you really need to find a professional photographer in your area that you are willing to pay to start a portfolio for you or one that may be willing to do a TFP or time for prints shoot with you..once you have a portfolio you can then start submitting your photo's to agencies, modeling contest/competitions, create promotional pages on model directory type websites that may get you noticed , work or just more contacts with photographer to help keep expanding your portfolio and possible referral for projects they may be aware of you might try for etc etc.


Is obsession with looking young a Caucasian issue?

In caucasians, beauty is defined in youth ( age 14 to 34/35). After which, there's a SHARP decline of features %26amp; skin texture, and a quick deterioration. Eg Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts.

Best example: Watch any episode of Friends Season 1, and even five years later, they look like 5 different ppl. In their tenth season, they look like they aged 15-20 years, ESP Joey.

Of all races, Caucasians seem to bloom the best, but they bloom early and, like a rose, fade as quickly too. Since mainstream Hollywood, big fashion houses and the music industry have picked up on this fact, they usually front young white people to sell movies, music, fashion, and this obsession with a young image is translated world-wide.

But within US and outside, women come from SO many races, how can a single race be the standard of beauty, youth, ageing, wrinkles for everyone??

Is obsession with looking young a Caucasian issue?
First of all let me say this: Many believe youth tie into beauty because the younger individual, male or female always has a more innocent, kind, pure look.

With that being said I don't think society's obsession is about explicitly youth but rather the bigger picture of beauty. I believe that society has put such an emphasis on beauty that all other values are slowly deteriorating. For example look at movie stars/ models, why is it that these individuals although so "beautiful" are placed on the same if not higher standing than the Fidel Castros, the President Bushes? Do these individuals such as Julia Roberts etc. really contribute to society? Do they really help make society develop. Sure it's given that they are entertaining, but I think society has placed such an emphasis on entertainment and especially beauty without focusing on the real issues.
Reply:I do not think it is racial issue at all. Halle has had as many alterations as Meg and Julia.

We have only three things in life; time, effort and money and we all value the three differently. But that still makes time a major factor in all our lives.

At the age of 62, I have noticed that every ten years like at 35, 45, 55, my physical abilities change considerably as well as how others view me.

Any cosmetologists or other beauty professionals here?

I would love to hear from anyone who is a cosmetologist, easthetican, nail tech., anyone in the beauty industry, about your career. I am a paralegal but thinking of going to cosmetolgy school . I was enrolled once but I have tendonitis in my shoulder, and that prompted me to get a PL degree instead. My shoulder still hurts, but I am still very interested in cosmetology. My questions are basically: do you find there are a lot of career opportunities? How is the pay? Does cosmetology school really prepare you for makeup application and skin care? The school I'm looking at claims to, but they must not cover it too thoroughly or they wouldn't have an easthetics class, right? I'm also interested in nails, but don't think I would want to do just that. I wish there was a course that combined everything! Also, how physically demanding is this type of work, would you do it with tendonitis in your shoulder?? Any information about this type of career would be greatly appreciated!

Any cosmetologists or other beauty professionals here?
It all depends on the state. Each state has its own regulations so your school will be within its state's mandates. Where I work I only do hair but I could do nails and makeup. The nail tech class is good if you want to do acrylic nails as this will give you good practice making the nails look good. I am planning on getting my esthetician's license soon so I can do more with electricity. This business is definitely hard on the body so if you are not used to standing for hours then I would recommend building up your tolerance. As for your shoulder you can talk to a kinesthetic specialist to see if your shoulder will get worse. He/she can recommend exercises to strengthen your body.

How can i look like a pornstar?(FOR GUYS AND GIRLS)?

i have pale skin,dark red shoulder length hair,5,5,110 pounds,brown eyes,im bi,and i like to work out.if you try to convince me that i shouldnt look like that or not to get in that industry,please dont waste your time and move on to the next.

How can i look like a pornstar?(FOR GUYS AND GIRLS)?
-remove all the hair on your body.

-Take VERY good care of your bod. Drink 8 glasses of water per day so the skin can look hydrated.

-Wash skin at least every other day to keep clean

-USe FAKE tans, getting a real tan could make you age earlier and give you these age spots and wrinkles on your bod, so AVOID tanning.

-If you have small breasts, you might have to get implants...

If you have light skin that burns and freckles easier, than put on a LOT of sunblock before going outside.

Bascially, take very good care to make your body look nice and healthy and go to the gym a lot.

Get lots of sleep too. (to get your skin at its best and to avoid bags under eyes, believe me, concealer doesnt work well, even though it reduces the appeearence of bags, you can still easily see it)
Reply:Get breast implants. Oh, and be sure to wax... everywhere.
Reply:fake boobs. fake tan. fake nails. get botox in your lips. wear lots of makeup. get those really high heeled shoes. dress like a ho.
Reply:Yeah, implants and wax. Have fun!!!
Reply:just get naked...dont need any talent....good luck....
Reply:Go to and look at a porn star to see if you really want to be one. they are really not much to look at
Reply:take care of your skin.

get into Yoga and practice it, to enhance physical flexibility.

In addition to breast implants, consider lip injections to get that Angelina Jolie/pouting-lip look.
Reply:sounds too trashy , but go to
Reply:Go on the Jerry springer show.


I'm not completely clueless about this industry, but tips and advice would CERTAINLY help.

Now for my question. I am 14 years of age, I am 5'9, but I am not skin and bones. I DO NOT mean that I am fat. I am just about as skinny as I can possibly be, but I am "big boned". In other words, I have wide hips..and a LITTLE bit of a braoder structure. My stomach is completely flat, and my arms and legs are toned. But I'm still not a stick. Is that going to be a problem?

HERE IS AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT I AM NOT: something in that genre.

HERE'S AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT I AM: little bit bigger though.

Here is a healthy suggestion: dont worry about it;

eat healthy and stop trying to compare yourself to super models. Your dreams of grandeur are going to get smashed against the rocks sooner or later.
Reply:There is room for all types of models. If you want to be a mainstream model then they will expect you to be a bag of bones. If you want to be an oversize model, then being "big" (big compared to these skeletons on the catwalks) is part of your job.
Reply:mmm... ive been trying 2 become a model... but i sort of gave up... cause... ya... didnt want 2 after all... but size wont matter... my partner 4 my magazine was big boned... and she got really good shots of her... so... =] good luck
Reply:skinny,skinny models are made for runway, you could do print work, get an agent, a nice portfolio, at least 3 head/3-3/4 body/3-full body shots of your self, and don't forget the black%26amp;white head shot, and do smile in it.

Do a set of glamor,one set of fun/sporty/ and one of casual/business.

Many agency's are looking for real girls, you seem to fit the bill. Don't let anyone discourage you. A nice place to start is in commercials, not sure where you are from, but google..Casting calls for your area, and there should be some work in your area. If not call, and ask if they will do e-mail interviews, for photos...Becareful, it's a strang business, and could be a bad one.

Good Luck ...
Reply:Don't really worry about it (the weight). If you are good at what you do and you have the right attitude, then you will have no trouble in whatever you want to do in life.

Just eat healthy, get lots of sleep and work out regularly and you will be fine!
Reply:The woman in the first picture is clearly anorexic. She looks incredibly unhealthy and its also very unattractive to be that thin. If thats what it would take for you to get into the modeling world it wouldn't be worth sacrificing your health.

Second model was pretty attractive though (too skinny to be my ideal idea of what a women should look like though). You can tell she probably diets and does cardiovascular and possibly light weight training as well. I'd say that about 60-80% of the women out there would look incredibly sexy using that kind of workout regimen.
Reply:tbh, you need to get skinnier. Get some professional quality photos and a business card and go to shows and hand them out to who's running the show. If they think you're good, they'll help you out. That's how I did it.

*I forgot one thing. You need to have a perfect walk. So work on it :]

Good luck.

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