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Im 16 and i love singing and dancing,would it be a good idea to consider going into the music industry??

Im 16 and i love dancing and singing but i hate large crowds and i dont have a high confidence level and plus my body isnt all that great and my skin isnt that great either but i just want an oppion could/should i get into the music industry?? I joined a girl group from all over the US there are 6 of us but we have yet to meet up and actually get something started. but in your oppion to you think i should or could get into the music industry? i just want different oppions because im unsure at this moment and i want really want to get into the music industry to be a rolemodel to kids %26amp; teens cause i dont wanna be like britney spears if i do get into the industry i want to set a positive example on kids and teens. and tell them that they can do anything they want to if they set their minds to it and it doesnt matter what u look like or if ur fat or not. but im afraid if i do they wont let me get into the music industry cause im not skinny enough or im not like those other 'popstars'.HELP

Im 16 and i love singing and dancing,would it be a good idea to consider going into the music industry??
Go for it, show your talents it is the best way... I know it is a Dream because it is what you want, so even if you lose don't make your self down.... There is always a chance..... Because Dream can came true


Reply:Go for it. What have you got to lose?
Reply:yes, if you think you are totally untalented and you have a big cheesey smile and you like to wear little amounts of clothing and you love footballers ... go for it! you sound perfect for the modern music industry
Reply:You should go for it. Your confidence will grow the more you do it and the more experience you have under your belt. Good luck
Reply:Go for it. What have you got to lose? Apart from your pride.
Reply:Enjoying singing and dancing is part way there, but more important is will other people pay to hear you sing or see you dance? I know you'll get training, but you have to have the spark to begin with.
Reply:yes, once you get up on stage and keep doing it you'll get use to it and yo won't be shy anymore . . . . you could become a millionaire
Reply:to do something in life that you love for a living is the happiest you can every be!! i say without a doubt go for it, good luck!
Reply:I would be good if you had some kind of musical training. Do you play an instument or have any formal training? Can you read music?

Most people I know who work in the music industry also do session work and teach. This gives them a solid background and an income whilst they are planning other projects.

You obviously have a good voce and enjoy what you do, but the more grounding you have and the more experience, the more likely you are to have a career that will have some longevity. Not everyone makes it big, but many have a job that provides them with a decent income and job satisfaction.
Reply:If you love singing and dancing, the do what you love. But if you hate large crowds, how are you going to perform in front of an audience??

Also, you must know that one does not just decide to get into the music industry. It is an awesomely hard job to get discovered and get any success. My suggestion to you is to keep singing and dancing, keep developing your talent. Find a local group to perform with (6 girls scattered across the country with little chance of actually meeting does not constitute a group), and hone your talents. And keep studying, because for 99.99% of all musicians, the backup job is what pays the bills.

It's probably a great idea to get some sorta singing tuition, and after that enter into a big well-known competition, like American Idol. That way, even if you don't make it to the top, you'll still get a lot of publicity [if you ARE good], so big record companies will be more likely to hire you! And they usually don't give a damn what you look like, just what you sound like, so don't let that bug ya!

Good luck with whatever u try!
Reply:you should have tried the X Factor!!

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