Thursday, May 7, 2009

Why does the skin give off the odor of vinegar?

My husband showers daily but his skin still smells like vinegar. Is it some type of deficiency or too much of something? He works in the oil field industry around salt water and oil; also he smokes. I don't know what any of this may have to do with it. Just trying to give some info.

Thanks for any help out there.

Why does the skin give off the odor of vinegar?
Candida overgrowth can do that. Just as wine turns to vinegar when it dies, the yeast coming out of the skin and dying will produce the smell. Controlling the candida overgrowth will end it. A good way to test for candida is to swab the skin with hydrogen peroxide. If it smells of vinegar, its out of control. Antibiotics cause the problem by destroying the beneficial bacteria that keeps the candida in check. Sweets, alcohol, etc. fuel the problem. Many take probiotic supplements to restore the ballance.
Reply:Smoking...UGH!!! Its a fact that it causes your skin to give off an odor...have him stop immediately...get him the patches or lave the laser pressure points done to stop cravings. Smoking is disgusting! I recall, the oil refinement process releases sulfur, so this combined with smoking will definitely cause a nasty body odor...but get him to stop smoking immediately...that is the root of the problem for sure...
Reply:If he sweats significantly, what you may be smelling is ammonia, which is released through the pores when you perspire. Some people smell much more strongly of it than others. Also, if he drinks a significant amount of alcohol, that is what you may be smelling. Even after the alcohol is processed out of the body, it can have a significant effect on a person's odor.

I'm sure the oil field and smoking aren't helping much. I used to work in an oil field myself, and never noticed the type of problem you are describing. However, due to the extremely strict fire codes there, all smokers had to huddle into a tiny, barely ventilated smoking room, which smelled awful even from a distance. That could definitely have something to do with it.

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