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Why are black people considered as TRASH just because of the colour of thier skin???

This is just an example of so many others.......I have a friend who is a black girl, This girl is drop dead gorgeous. Her dreams has always been to be a model. She is not only beautiful, she is intellegent , humourous,infact she has all the qualities of a model etc. She has been to several Modeling Industries for auditions, but doors have been slammed to her face. Some of them outrightly telling her ' We don't want trashes in our Industry' she was heartbroken, felt rejected just because of the colour of her skin. I have watched several TV programmes where blacks are considered as trash! I'll never understand where all these hatred come from. I have witnessed black people being treated as outcast. I think its pathetic and sad to be treated as such... ... i'll like to know your Opinion on this please.....

Why are black people considered as TRASH just because of the colour of thier skin???
Why do stupid ignorant people like Sammy and Dirty Den think its clever to be racist. They have used a serious question to prove that they are complete idiots. There is no need for anyone to be called Trash especially black people. I am White and as far as I am concerned all skin types are the same. We all have the same colour blood running through our body's. More people on Yahoo answers need to stand up to idiots like those 2 and report them.
Reply:w w white people turn up the treble, b b black people turn up bass
Reply:some people are just narrow minded rude pig headed asses!!!
Reply:Well firstly I would say that a reputable modelling company would not call someone "trash".

I think shes going to the wrong kinds of places if that is really happening (which I dont think it is).

Sounds to me where she is the one creating the problem and she thinks that being turned away from modelling agencies is because of the colour of her skin. Perhaps she doesnt want to admit to the fact that shes just not what shes looking for.

Agencies dont want "drop-dead gorgeous" models, they want someone who is a bit unique, with something that no one else has.
Reply:Some people are scared of black skin. They are very ignorant and it shocks them to meet anyone who breaks their stereotype mold. Which is MOST people of color. When people who don't know anything about skin color have lots of money and run big industries (modeling, television) they believe that people want to see pretty white girls and fat nasty white men. Obviously there's a lot to be said for those who realize that the public tends to like variety and sooner or later, things will improve. The market will decide.
Reply:then she is looking at the wrong people in the wrong places!
Reply:Because they are surrounded by small minded bigots.
Reply:you lie like a rug
Reply:Actually, I like black people. Who said they were trash?? People who treat black people like trash are trash themselves becuase they dont have any respect.
Reply:Naomi Campbell!!! One of the worlds top models, forgive me If Im wrong but hasn't she got dark skin?
Reply:i haye it and with having a mixed child i fear for her
Reply:Its narrow minded scum that persecute someone for the colour of there skin!!!!! If modelling agents are slamming the door in her face maybe its not the colour of her skin, she may just have a trashy image! There a loads and loads of beautiful black and mixed race models in the fashion industry!
Reply:i dont think it had anything to do with her skin colour thier are loads of black models out thier maybe she was rude or done something inpolite but regardless of which the modelling agency wasn't all that good to degrade someone she just needs to keep trying and find a better attituded agency
Reply:Thats odd, Im in Australia... all they want in the modeling industry is great bone structure, high cheek bones and the height (5ft 11' to 6ft i about the norm. But the industries over here are crying out for in particular ppl of African decent (they love the darker ppl because alot of them have a naturally great build and height)

Maybe its just that she doesnt have a unique enough look, the height or she doesnt have the attitude it takes to make it in the industry.. either that or the companies she tryed out for arent as great as they might seem..

Its a tough business and not even the prettiest of girls get in... they dont want pretty they want an attitude, the look and everything that goes with it
Reply:People all over the world are treated like trash and not just because of the colour of their skin. There are many racists both black and white and many selfish and evil people but you cannot label everyone the same. There are many good people out there and there are many black models around. There are also many white models that are rejected.
Reply:I don't think black people are considered as trash (and if they are its wrong!!).. I don't think white people are either but they are the ones mainly referred to as 'trash' or 'white trash'. For both races and for any others its not at all okay. Wish people would stop with that!
Reply:I'm sorry to hear that happened to your friend. I'm sure she's everything you say she is. However, it sounds like she's knocking on the doors of some real piece-of-crap agencies.

Unfortunately, you get that in every culture - idiots who hate what/who they don't know.

Also, every race has instances of people who hate them, just some are more notable/publicized than others. Racism isn't limited to one group of people.

If your friend keeps her head up and works hard, she'll get rewarded for it, just tell her to keep at it.
Reply:Well all I can say is there are a lot of black models, I don't see why they would call her trash just for being black. Usually people are called trash only if they are trashy....not because of skin color. Your friend sounds like a wonderful person, and I'm sure she is . I'm sorry to say, we all run up against hatred matter our race. There are some ignorant people in this world. But I think the good people outnumber the bad. We all just have to keep a positive outlook and not let a few ignorant people bring us down.
Reply:I know lots of white trash!

My Doctor is black, he's pretty cool. I heard a white woman at the hospital the other day say "I don't want a black Doctor touching me".


Trash is mostly white.

If she's beautiful and intelligent, could you give her my number?
Reply:i think this people was sea to bleak gail not good this very coplcatid my from egypt must look for waiht culor but sam time i find very beautiful fas in bleak gail i love bleak gail and i sae to hiar she is beautiful quien.
Reply:It is unfortunate that your friend has come across some supposedly good agencies but has found to her horror that they are not what they claim to be.

There will unfortunately be and always will be an eliment of racism in society no matter what steps are taken to rule this vile thing out. It is the way of the human kind. Any good upstanding person would never consider a black person as trash, likewise any good upstanding person would not consider anyone else from a different ethnic background as trash.

I find it is unfortunate that your friend has come across this type of person, but I have to ask myself if there is a double meaning here. Did the person turning your friend away say "we don't want any trash here" and you friend took that to mean that she was trash because of her colour, or was it said "we don't want any black trash here". This would shed a completely different light on this matter totally. Be careful when you make an assessment of what is being said and most of all when recalling the incident be very careful of not adding in error things that didn't happen.

As a previous answerer has said Naomi Campbell is a black supermodel, which should encourage your friend to realise that black people are not trash. Just remember that the catwalk is just as catty and fickle as the people who run them and the competition is very strong!

I know that Shakira isn't a black model but, her skin type doesn't take away from the fact that in my opinion she is a good singer and dancer!
Reply:For some it may be that so many young black males are into the trashy gangster culture of acting hard, vicious fights over nothing other then their looney tunes respect pecking order of preditory dominance. Terroriry and perception of being dissed for the moast pathetic things at which they respon with extream mob violence withotu a consence and video it on phones to show mates for a laugh.

Therefore not seen as human but more like chimps who behave like that all wanting to show hardness.

Leading to all these shootings, muggings, threatening behavour which so many think is cool.

It gives the decent people like you friend a bad name and makes people very weary.

Much like say skinheads.

So many were into racist neo nazi thugary that nice ones who were into ska and not in the least bit racists get seen as part of the same threatening group.

To cause people to fear like this it often reqiures a large percentage of a goup to follow cush a culutral pattern of nasty values. ie ghetto culture and street respect culture.

The afult is clearning with those causeing all this

However these model agencies were not acting out of fear. They had no reason to associate your friend with these groups especially as

She is not only beautiful, she is intellegent , humourous,infact she has all the qualities of a model etc


Which has nothing to do with the colour of her skin... She is a nasty piece of work who treats others like dirt and thinks shes something special.

No they had no reason to abuse your firend like that.

So Id suggest she records this behavou with hidden cameras and makes a reality TV recording which gets handed to the papers and press.

Who may love it getting her in the press and centre of attention as a model who sticks up for decency which companies may want to be associated with
Reply:Well the reason is because of media. But there's also white trash. Black people need to make that distinction, and make it known, that not every black person is black trash, much like every white person isn't white trash.

Your friend got one rude casting call, that's it. She needs to get over it, put on that smile and keep doing it.

Part of the problem for her will be that she's black, but not because she's trash. Black people in the modeling world aren't as popular as white people. Probably because black people don't buy in the volumes white people do.

But that shouldn't stop her.

And in the end, she should prove everyone wrong, instead of sitting around whining about it. Change it.
Reply:they aren't everywhere. The younger generation in the US is really moving away from racism. Maybe your friend should take her beautiful self to another culture where she can be accepted as herself.

Poor kid, I know how cruel some low-lifers can be about race. Unfortunately, it is still alive and kicking amoung some groups and in certain regions in the US. But I really believe it is dying out.
Reply:Firstly do you have to call them black ? They are not, but dark brown and the only difference between whites and coloured people is the colour of their skin. I abhor people that are so bad in their minds that they hate anyone who is not white. It is a well known fact that the first people were actully from Ethiopa and were coloured, so we are all descended from them. I am English white and my partner is afro/american and she is so beautiful she outshines so many white women. She is the same being very intelligent , can drive anything from a car to a large articulated wagon, has degrees in building and road making, to be quite honestly dont know why she is with thick white trash like me.

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