Thursday, May 7, 2009

Why are the Indians of Asia more unsatisfied about their skin colour than the natives of any other country?

It seems to me that once they come to reside in the west, they are more comfortable about the way they look.

I have an Indian lady friend with chocolate brown skin, who told me that she's happier in the US because her complexion is actually appreciated by the people here. When she was in her native country, she always felt inadequate because she was dark. Apparently, most of those in the entertainment industry are light-skinned because they are only half-Indians. Yet, the others try to acquire such a skin colour and fail miserably. It's like a white person trying to get a glowing tan only to get blisters!

My friend doesn't want to visit India for a long, long time.

Why are the Indians of Asia more unsatisfied about their skin colour than the natives of any other country?
It's because of the caste system. Where your position in society is determined by your lineage. Skin color can be a visual cue as to your position in society, although not all those of a particular hue belong to the position their skin color might dictate. For the majority though, dark brown skin usually means you belong to a lower level of society.

Those with light skin are not half-Indian....they're just from a lineage of lighter skinned Indians.
Reply:she probably watched the o.c. to much sound shes ashamed of herself.
Reply:My husband is East Indian but he was born and raised in England. He says he is MUCH more accepted here in the States than he was there....he hated growing up there. He also said he would never want to visit India. I personally think he has a BEAUTIFUL skin looks like smooth caramel.
Reply:What exists in India is not different from any other country that has experienced colonialism, slavery and indentured servitude. In India's case, a caste system based on color was developed due to British imperialism and colonialism. The closer to white an Indian is, the better their opportunities including choice of vocation. The darkest Indians (those who are intermixed with African ancestry) are known as the Untouchables and can only have jobs that no one else wants: burial of the dead, animal slaughter, and the like. A caste system, unlike a class system, is permanent. One cannot move between castes. Because your friend is here in the states, despite our history of slavery, skin tone (while still relevant) is not a permanent obstacle to opportunity.
Reply:no indians are not unsatisfied

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