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Is the 3 meal day universal?

I grew up with 3 meals every day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Several diet books recommend eating 6 meals daily. Is the 3 meal day an American concept? Do other cultures have different eating schedules? I imagine that the men in that tribe would have rock-hard chiseled six-pack abs, bulging pecs, and huge penises. And the women would be unimaginably beautiful with large breasts, round buttocks, and smooth skin. It'd be like Hollywood, but all-natural and with darker skin. The movie industry favors surgically-enhanced Caucasians.

Is the 3 meal day universal?
You got a little off track with your question didn't ya?

Well, actually, the 3 meal a day concept is a northern European monarchial concept. To feed a full castle of monarchs and the family (which at one time could easily be 50 or more daily) It was easier to feed multitudes several times a day. Breaking your fast was from 6 am to 8 am, Lunch 12pm to 2pm, Supper at 8pm or shortly after sundown. As the centuries passed and more countries were being governed by Brittain and France the addition of Brunch and Tea time (mid morning and afternoon snack) was introduced ~ it was mostly a eastern tradition. New kitchen appliances and new fuel sources for cooking made cooking easier and faster so many respites could be made in a shorter amount of time. With new social and cultural changes now the being mandated by the King or Queen for all those of the monarchy, the nuevo riche and well to do were adopting these courtesies as well. Medical science in the past 150 yrs determined a healthy person should eat 3 meals a day rather than a morning of tea and bread and lunch of bread, cheese, and whatever else you could throw in and then the supper. Not until the 1940's could most people afford that much food daily unless they lived on or near a farm or in a major city. Light respites through out the day, except for breakfast, should be observed such as they did prior to 1450's or earlier. And now that we have food readily available we need to act as though we lived in the midevil period and that our food sources are there to sustain us not to please us.

Good question though.
Reply:I eat 6 meals, small meals

i don't like to stuff myself at once. I hate just 3 big meals.

Your weird! How does food go into all this mush up?

Well to answer your question yes,except America its alot alot more then all other countries including latin america,europe and asia not just spain or europe for that fact.

Ex) my friend and I went to a resort(its a guy) here, and he would eat about a plate of fruits a muffin and coffee for breakfast,a very small lunch consisting of some rice perhaps and a late dinner and its pasta and things like that and no desert,this is how we eat here,I believe america its to much
Reply:I eat 5-6 meals a day. Most people I know don't eat breakfast. When I was younger and at home, we ate 3 meals a day. I think there would still be overweight and out of shape people no matter how you change up how often someone eats. They would have to lose the fast food and make people drink more water, eat fruits/veggies/grains and exercise!
Reply:The Mazai of East Africa take three meals per day,as do most african groups.But since time is viewed very differently in african culture ,meals are not as measured/mechanical e.g at 12pm we have lunch.

Time concepts in Africa are more intuitive/emotional than mechanical.There is more of an intuitive trust/response to the natural cycle of things within the body or outside the body - when to eat when not to eat. Like the indians they understand the body has it's own rhythm.

Northern european monarchs did'nt invent the concept of the three day meal.Monarchs were a later borrowed concept in what was once a largely tribal northern europe.We probably inherited the formality of a three day meal structure from the romans.
Reply:I eat 4-5. Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, Dinner, and Dessert.
Reply:I believe the smaller meals are healthier. I graze on healthy food all day long. I can't tell you how many times I've been gently reminded at work not to eat at my desk, but we all snack. :)

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