Thursday, May 7, 2009

Is it reasonable to label fair skinned filipinas as fake, pretenders, wanna be, etc?

hello! I have read a lot of articles similar to dis.. i agree that brown is beautiful but so is white and any other skin color..i am a fair skinned filipina myself and im not using any kinds of whitening soap,lotion,bleach, is hypocrisy to label us as pale, ugly and unideal when the truth is most Filipino is aspiring whiter skin that is why whitening industry is a billion peso business....i even remembered someone said that there is a need to ban actresses and models who are fair skinned bcoz they do not represent a real about me and other fair skinned filipinas? are we not considered a real filipina?? i think its really unfair to improved ones self esteem by putting down the depends on individual preferences of what is beautiful and what is really emotional about this issues..all skin colors are beautiful..its just a matter of being confident with ones own skin to make it more beautiful..tnx...

Is it reasonable to label fair skinned filipinas as fake, pretenders, wanna be, etc?
It's Ironic that you have a billion $ whitening industry while we here have a billion $ tanning and darkening industry-LOL

I really don't understand why people of any skin color would try to use color to define their superiority or to make others feel inferior...It's just plain stupid...

You are the way God made you...There is certainly no shame in that!

I think this world would be a pretty dull place if we all looked the same ;)
Reply:i actually had no idea there was such a thing AS skin whiteners. i think it is UNREASONABLE to label ANYONE for ANYTHING! Everyone is unique in color and personality, and should be respected and enjoyed as such.
Reply:lol you have same problems as Indians
Reply:I think you know the answer to the question. We should never judge a person by their skin color.

BTW...I grew up in the Philippines and I always thought the woman were all beautiful. Don't listen to the critics and hold your head high.
Reply:I am A Filipino, 100% Pinoy, a true-blooded by race and by heart.

Please remember that Filipinos are a mixture of diffrent races: Americans, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, etc. and I totally agree with you.

I don't understand it myself why other Filipinos are so obsessed with skin whiteners.

I too have a fair complexion and I feel good with it.

For those who had labelld us ugly, unideal, etc., I don't really mind. We are who we are, that's waht matters most. God made us this way because we are better this way. All are beautiful, it depends on your perspective!

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