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Why all Indian female movie stars has to be light skin,what about dark skin girls no chance or what???

even film industries are prejudice?

Why all Indian female movie stars has to be light skin,what about dark skin girls no chance or what???
(Your avatar is fairly light skinned too.)

I'm guessing a prejudice that stems from the caste system.

That is unfortunate. It's a shame when the entertainment for a whole country of people represents only a small percentage of the people in that country.
Reply:nope. no chance. welcome to entertainment. people like to see good people. that's just the way it is.
Reply:because a lot of brown people want to be white and a lot of white people want to be brown...
Reply:Well, the movies and actors are selected by what sells. Not who or what people are or what certain people want to see.

This is R%26amp;S btw, not modern romance.
Reply:I think if you start the dark skin indie movie, you will make a fortune if you market it right.
Reply:You are right...Notice how they elevate and glorify all the Muslim actors and actresses, but they keep the Hindus at the bottom of the pile. Talk about sleeping with the enemy. I think that there should be a rival movie industry to compete and overtake Bollywood. Bollywood is nothing but an unpatriotic, pro-left, pro-Muslim embarassment.
Reply:Who knows. Are they trying to make White Society happy? Or aspiring to attain something they think they want for themselves? When we will never gain self-respect from others. Who criticize and condemn us in order to excuse their own short-comings. It must be found within. When we find the Beautiful, Loving, being of Light! The spirit in us all.
Reply:It is apparent from the group of people who are non-native to India, those who brought the Hindu religion and the caste system, who where of a lighter shade of skin... these people were the Aryans... Study your history books. This is old information.
Reply:what about bipasha basu? i think she's a really good actress, but she isn't exactly fair, is she? guess it depends on the sort of movies you've done and your acting skills.
Reply:Not all

Bipasha Bashu

Shilpa shetty


and may be a few more.

In Tamil field(Kollywood) there are many dark skinned actors/actresses.

Now a dys Indian movies are made with action and violence as the main theme.

The Heroine is there nominally to dance with hero occassionally to relieve monotony and to give time of some 3 minutes to smokers to go out and smoke.actually we see no part ,active oart played by the heroine.Just there should be a beautiful figure.So the producers import the heroines from all over India and abroad .some times the first film is the last film of so many heroines.they do not know action,no expressions .They are there to entertain in place of comedians and to give some sexy scenes.The Heroine though comes from a rich family has for reasons not known has rags of different colours to wear.most of her skin is exposed.

in the olden days the heroines were part and paercel of story and in each song the story was also moving and you could not miss asong.

Now the Heroine dances for the ununderstandable lyrics as SHIVA TANDAVAM and AEROBICS,god knows why on the back drop of hero nd heroine there are about 50 junior artists doing gimmicks.

The Hero is more than a Spiderman,he is all powerful.without weapon he can do wonders in a mafia den.He never misses his target and hisvrevolver never runs out of bullets.But the trained police and professional criminals too fail to aim and shooot the Hero with advanced weapons.What more comedy you want.

The Indian movies are examples to''HOW A FILM SHOULD NOT BE MADE''

So there is no reason to search for a reason in films in India.

The producers want new faces so they bring some good blooking nfigure from some place.Because she need not know the language in which the film is made, the meaning of dialogues and songs, every thing is ok to producers.

People see just to entertain themselves for some 2 hours.

so please do not expect any reasonability in the any thing i INDIAn films.

black is also beauty.
Reply:Who told you they are all light skin?

Most of them are dark skinned, it's the make up.

What are you thinking?

If you have a dream, go for it. Don't let the color of the skin come in between.

Good Luck.
Reply:actually, to be in front of camera u have to be attractive....and since in that part of asia light skin is seen as a beauty most of the time the women having it is chosen to be actresses. but these days many dark skinned women are also been seen in movies. but to tell u the truth, technology has become more imroved now. and thats why it is possible to get make someone look lighter just with the help of computer. do u see the difference between today's print and yesterday's? now everything looks much lighter. and this is because of technology.
Reply:Every body applies Calamine to appear fair in the films .evn darkpeople like fair skins .
Reply:bipasha basu is not that fair, but she is not dark either. she had a medium-light skin tone similar to that of j-lo.

shilpa shetty is not dark either. if u put her next to a white person, the white person will have very fair skin while shilpa would have a light tan olive complexion.

well one think i can say for sure, light skin is beautiful. Does not mean every light skin girl is pretty. Dark skin is sexy. how can indian actresses do u know that are really sexy ?

not many. Priyanka chopra is prob the only one who is both beautiful and sexy. she does not have dark skin though, and is light skinned.
Reply:better ask this q in some other category



are with dark skins

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