Thursday, May 7, 2009

Has anyone had there skin burnt after using a phototherepy machine?

Since going on a LED Phototherapy machine my face and neck skin has been totally destroyed by the laser. I now have a big lesion all over my neck and my skin is completely dryed/red/burnt. It has not got better in two months.

I am worried about the long term damage. The Dr has also put me on Betnovate or Betamethasone. A steroid cream, this has left my face totally dry and it helped to clear the scales, but once you stop it, it comes straight back.

Please can you tell me if i should use Tazaroten retinoids on my face. My latest dermatologist says this is best for me.

Is there not a natural form of Vitamin A with no side effects?

Im beginning to wonder if Drs are not in fact brainwashed salesman for the pharmacauticals industry. How can these people be so respected. Nothing they have perscribed me has ever worked.

Please help, i cannot put anymore chemicals on my face, is there a natural alternative? But right now i cannot face the world and i so want to with a bright cleanface.

Has anyone had there skin burnt after using a phototherepy machine?
I used a phototherapy machine for my eczema a couple years ago. You didn't say but I take it they built up the time slowly? I was only allowed on for 30 seconds the first time and they built it up by 30 seconds each visit. I have to say it didn't do me much good my skin was splitting and weeping all over (I have scars going all the way round my neck because it split open when i turned my head). It took weeks until i finally saw a nurse again who sent me straight to the consultant who put me on steroids straight away. I know its not natural but it cleared my skin up within a week and as yet it hasn't come back severely.

You could ask for an allergy test, i found out I'm wheat intolerant so i avoid it as much as possible and my skin has been much better for it.

Good luck and I hope you find something that works, I know how you are feeling, especially when its your face that is effected as people don't realize how devastating it can be.


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