Thursday, May 7, 2009

I have a skin condition and I hope it's not cancer.?

I am 32. For the past 5 years, I have had an area on the back of my neck constantly breaking out with fairly large hard pimples. This seems to correlate time wise with working in an industry where collars and being outdoors go together, so I assumed it was acne. Using alcohol wipes doesn't seem to help, so now I am wondering if I have developed ingrown hairs. I think skin cancer would be more flat and show discoloration, but I don't have an answer on this annoying skin problem.

I have a skin condition and I hope it's not cancer.?
First off it sounds like the pores in the area get clogged and filled with dirt/and a shirt is abrasive.

Don't wash with alcohol use an acne scrub there like nutragena body cleaner (found in a local drug store) find a lufa mit too (found there too) and scrub - apply peroxide to help any bacteria - and see how it goes.

I'd see a doctor to rule out any issues skin cancer is more of a mole that just appears or one you have forever and suddenly changes shape and color -

This could be ingrown hairs, acne, or dermatitis.
Reply:My husband had that problem. Go to a dermotologist and have them check it out. I am sure its nothing to worry about and the Dr. will just give you medicine to apply and it will go away
Reply:It doesn't sound like cancer but you should see a doctor and get it sorted out. Any area that is constantly being irritated is more susceptible to turning cancerous.
Reply:I agree, it sound related to the job you have (I've never heard of cancer being related to pimples). Based on what you have said you probably work pretty hard and work up a good sweat. What you end up sweating out is excess toxins (crap) that your body didn't naturally get rid of.

One suggestion would be for you start uping the amount of water you drink and see if you can flush your system, especially while you are working hard. The more water you drink the less likely you'll have stuff clogging your pours creating pimples.

It couldn't hurt to try. . .

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