Thursday, May 7, 2009

Does anyone know a good CRM for web design / SEO? Preferably one we can resell?

Yikes - the company who built our database has NO support. I am wondering if any of you out there know of a CRM that will do the following:

1. allow us to create custom fields or tabs in the database

2. schedule email campaigns. i would like to have HTML emails, where I can populate in certain fields like name and price of quote, etc.

3. schedule reminders/calls

4. autogenerate website forms, which when filled out, that information automatically populates in the database.

5. we would like to also customize for other industries and resell by building the "skin" without having to know programming.

If any of you have suggestions we would greatly appreciate it!!!

Does anyone know a good CRM for web design / SEO? Preferably one we can resell?
The closest thing is sugarCRM.

1. There are plugins/addons that allow you to add custom fields/tabs.

2. Email scheduling is in by default and there is loads of synching to external tools.

3. Reminders/calls are built in

4. I think, but not sure there is a form builder component

5. There is a template system, but i've not looked into how 'skinnable' or removed from the code it is.
Reply:1) What database? If it's MySQL, run phpMyAdmin. Of course you'd have to actually know how to design and manage a database. And a little familiarity with SQL would help.

2) It would probably have to be custom-written.

3) See #2.

4) Autogenerate? Computers might be that good in a few hundred years - today you'll need someone to ... oh, see #2.

5) SOMEONE will have to "know programming" - someone in your company or someone in the company you hire. Programming doesn't "get done" - someone - who "knows programming" has to do it.

Is there a site or program that will allow you to do all that without knowing programming? No, you'd have to - er - program one. Programs that write programs usually produce garbage that doesn't really meet the need, is almost impossible to maintain and is more expensive to modify than it would have cost to hire an experienced programmer in the first place.

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