Thursday, May 7, 2009

What do you think about fur wearers?

I have seen a few video clips on the fur industry and how they skin the animals and its so sad and discusting and wrong. Do they treat all of the animals this way for fur? Are there any nice fur farms? I have a couple bunny jackets (i didnt know they were real when I bought them) and now I feel completely guilty about them. Is there a humane way to get the fur off of the animals without them going through so much pain and suffering?

What do you think about fur wearers?
There's no humane way to skin an animal. You could shave them, as in shaving sheep for wool. But generally, you need to skin them to work with the skin.

Not all fur factories are as horrible as the ones that PETA show. They don't just go beat animals. Sometimes, the animals are trapped or killed instantly, without suffering.

You shouldn't really feel guilty about the jackets if you already have them. Honestly, the bunny is already dead. Just wear it. I have a friend who wears a bunny hat, it was a gift to her, it's cute, so why shouldn't she wear it if it's already dead?

In all honesty, wearing a bunny is no different than wearing leather. I'm sure you at least have one pair of shoes with leather, or maybe you have a leather wallet. The big problem with fur is that it's cute little bunnies, not many people think cows are cute. But then there's the argument that people eat cow, so why not use the hide? People eat bunnies too - so I guess, use the fur.

Personally, I'm not a fan of fur. But, I'd never judge someone who wore it. ... Except this one lady on the bus who, I'm not exaggerating, had snake skin boots, bunny rabbit pom pom scarf, leather jacket, fluffy hat and a purse made from god knows what - stingray? She was wearing half the animal kingdom - it was hilarious!!

There are so many faux fur options that are quite tasteful. Don't worry about your bunny jackets. If you don't want to wear them, you could consign them and hopefully some people will buy your used coat rather than supporting the death of more bunnies
Reply:Yea i know. It's very mean. There is no other way unfortunatly
Reply:I'm pretty sure anything I have is not real but at least they aren't being killed!! I guess that could be the good side of it.

I don't know of any other way though! Sorry.

Merry Christmas! =]
Reply:1. Just for the fur

2 %26amp; 3. I don't know

Personally I think that it's just wrong. Maybe if the animal shed it like a snake and had more fur under, it would be ok. But I doubt it.
Reply:they should burn in hellll

Even those popular jackets with the fur on the hood could be dog fur! I did a report on it, and popular disigners such as tommy hilfiger used fur imorted from china labeled as "Faux Fur" but they tested as dog fur... also, there is a lot of poverty there, so they would skin the dogs, and then sell the parts, some people even eat them because they are starving ):

i wish everyone knew that faux fur, could always be real fur ):

its so sad, you see everywhere girl wearing fur hoods, but do they know what they are represtenting? even if the fur is still fake, you are still representing skinning animals for their fur,, when it is completly pointless

go to this websight

its very informative. :)

the most horrible thing is when men take out clubs and beat baby seals while their mother are being clubbed to death by another man
Reply:It is cruel, it is cruel, it is cruel. NICE fur farms? DEFINE A NICE FUR FARM. Whether or not they torture them first, WHICH MOST OF THEM DO, they are killing the animals JUST FOR THE FUR. What if someone killed YOU just so that they could USE YOUR SKIN FOR THE LATEST HANDBAG? And if you're thinking shaving, no. That would not work.

Sorry if it sounds like I'm mad at you, I'm really not. I know you didn't know any better, but PLEASE, do NOT support the fur industry!!!! It's so WRONG.

At the person below me: Most leather is a BYPRODUCT of beef and lamb. But if it's like... alligator leather. Armadillo leather. Etc. THEN I AM AGAINST THAT TOO. It's not because the bunnies are CUTE!!! And also not many people even EAT rabbit, and if they do I doubt that the fur in her jacket is a byproduct of that. Therefore the bunnies are killed PRIMARILY for the fur.


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