Thursday, May 7, 2009

What do you think of the music industry's focus on selling skin rather than music?

compared to previous eras where stars wore more clothing. now it appears they wear less and less...

your thoughts?

What do you think of the music industry's focus on selling skin rather than music?
Absolutely agree.

Today, sex sells far more than genuine talent does....and that's a real shame for music on the whole.
Reply:It's only POP crap music that sells skin. Rap, rock, country, and most other styles are about the music. It's the Britney Spears, Ashley Simpsons and other crappy performers, not artists, of the world.
Reply:It kind of bothers me because youger kids are watching this too and when they see these people wear little clothing, that will put that in kids minds that ths is what the stars are wearing and the kids want to be like them. I think the stars need to think again about what there wearing. Those are my thoughts.

Have to agree with you. I know I am going to sound like an intolerant old fart but I am a muso and have been around the block a few times and yes, a little bit of flesh can be appetizing but man when they sing those nasal songs dressed up as cheap tarts accompanied by morbidly obese individuals flashing their ill gotten treasure troves, I wonder what the music world is coming to. What happened to music... half of the stuff is sampled from more successful musicians and drowned by half-witted vulgarity. Hey, some of the stuff is good there is no doubt about it but on average I would give it a thumbs down. Yes, I agree with you sex sells and the focus is on skin rather than talent in most cases.
Reply:The music industry is in trouble so they sell sexuality rather than the bad music. They need to stop selling the music at high prices for a CD. I would buy more. Instead of 15 dollars for a CD it should be under 10 dollars always. Articles keep telling me a CD is going obsolete. Maybe it is going obsolete because the music industry is being really stupid. Nothing wrong with the CD. I will not buy a digital download that I have to keep records of the fact that I bought it. If my computer goes bad those records are gone and I just gave the industry free money. I wont do it. Why would I want to buy a cheap inferior mp3 when I can buy a CD and do whatever I want and no one telling me what to do.

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