Thursday, May 7, 2009

How to exfoliate skin without using abrasive products?

My dermatologist told me that while the beauty industry makes tons of money on selling all kinds of exfoliating product, they are very abrasive to the skin and should not be used. She even told me that a simple face wash that has tiny "scrubbing beads" is bad for the face because those beads make tiny scratches on the skin, and ultimately this results in bad skin and even an early onset of wrinkles. This woman has many credentials and since she wasn't trying to sell me anything, but just giving advice, I trust her. This leads to a dilemma though, because I want to remove the dead skin cells on my face so that moisturizers and makeup is better absorbed by my skin, but I don't want to use abrasive products to exfoliate my skin, so what are my options?

How to exfoliate skin without using abrasive products?
That is correct. You can still exfoliate but its all about how you do it.

You can either get a scrub that had micropolyurethane balls (tiny plastic balls) these will perfectly and gently glide over the skin. They are completely spherical and will cause no damage whatsoever.

You could also use a AHA (alpla hydroxy acid) product to checmically munch away at the dead skin cells. I prefer natural products. Fruit aha's will have a renewing ability but will cause no harm to the skin as long as it is chemical free.

Speak to a beauty therapist or 4. Get many opinions and get them all to do skin anylysis on you.

Do not go into a department store. These people are salesmen and are there to make a sale. Not to mention that they are not completely trained in the anatomry and physiology of the skin.

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