Saturday, April 24, 2010

Why is the media incorrectly portraying human looks?

I was told by a close friend that when a child reaches a certain age they start focusing on their looks (aka puberty).

That age is getting younger and younger now that little girls and boys are watching "beautiful" people living fake lives through television shows.

Why does the media define beauty as "being thin and clear skin and perfect features"?

There is only a handful of larger, "imperfect" people in the entertainment industry, and I've noticed most of them are men.

Is the media somehow brainwashing our younger generations?

Why is the media incorrectly portraying human looks?
Yes, yes, yes...the media is in marketing to sell products - they are successfully brainwashing not just young girls, but their moms as well. Look at the upswing of plastic surgery. I am 49, soon to be 50 %26amp; many of my friends have already had various surgeries done to prolong their youth. My daughter is in 7th grade %26amp; I am teaching her to be naturally beautiful. I am honest w/her about all of that, while at the same time I let her experiment with some make up %26amp; mud masks %26amp; fun stuff. She does not have her nails done or hair weaved or eyebrow waxed etc., she has many years ahead of her to do those things - she is healthy %26amp; happy being who she is but I think that has a lot to do w/me %26amp; my husband loving her %26amp; instilling confidence in her about who she was created to be.
Reply:It's because they get them to spend tons of money on make-up, clothings, etc and even cosmetic surgery. It's called making money by delusion.
Reply:yeah i totally agree with that, personally the ones that care that much about looks are the ones that put alot of there effort on looks and slowly stupify themselves.
Reply:The media has been doing this since its inception.

It is clearly a parental responsibility to ensure that children are focusing on what is age appropriate and ensuring that their children are educated as to what is a healthy, well rounded and balanced perception of beauty.

Many adults are guilty of ensuring that there children are "hip" with the current trends too; thus, I wouldn't entirely blame the media.

The media doesn't force anyone to do anything - do they?

Additionally, I'm not sure how exposed you are to the entertainment industry but there are hundreds of "imperfect" people - both women %26amp; men. Society dictates who gets the attention, not just the media.
Reply:You hit in right on the head............the media is brainwashing our younger generations. It has been doing this for as long as the media has been in existence, whether it be newspapers which have been around a long time(centuries), magazines, tv, internet, radio, etc. But it also brainwashes adults including you and me....just that kids are more susceptible to it since they are not 'with it' yet. Truth is we all want others to agree with our own opinions and you and I would likely voice our own opinions in a media vehicle if we had the chance. But I will say to 'today's' media owners.......the media is stronger than ever in its ability to reach a large amount of people and whoever is in the high places of power(ownership), you have an even larger responsibility than ever in the world's history to make a mature, responsible message come across due to the power of the media in these times.
Reply:Yes the media is doing that and has been doing it since Mrs. Cleaver cleaned house all day and was perfect with perfect children and a perfect dinner cooked for when Mr. Cleaver home from work.. all in high heels and a nice dress that was never dirty with nary a hair out of place nor smeared make up. Television and Hollywood in general is a terrible evil place.
Reply:Media run by jews. I am Turkish, the biggest tv channels in Turkey is owned by 1 man, a Jew. The U.S.A... Hollywood....



Isn't these 2 things enough to run the world?

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