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Is an obssession with looking young a Caucasian issue?

In caucasians, beauty is defined in youth ( age 14 to 34/35). After which, there's a SHARP decline of features %26amp; skin texture, and a quick deterioration. Eg Meg Ryan, Julia Roberts.

Best example: Watch any episode of Friends Season 1, and even five years later, they look like 5 different ppl. In their tenth season, they look like they aged 15-20 years, ESP Joey.

Of all races, Caucasians seem to bloom the best, but they bloom early and, like a rose, fade as quickly too. Since mainstream Hollywood, big fashion houses and the music industry have picked up on this fact, they usually front young white people to sell movies, music, fashion, and this obsession with a young image is translated world-wide.

But within US and outside, women come from SO many races, how can a single race be the standard of beauty, youth, ageing, wrinkles for everyone??

Is an obssession with looking young a Caucasian issue?
Asians and African-Americans age more gracefully than Caucasians.
Reply:Have you seen mature asians with jet-black hair? Go figure.
Reply:to answer your question - a lot of different races has the same issue of trying to look young.

and you've answered your own question as to why - MEDIA. one would not believe how much influence media has on us nowadays.

finally, lest one forget, being young at heart does in fact translate to looking younger. remember that if you stress out about looking young, you'll age faster.
Reply:Um....maybe because we go down hill faster as you mentioned. Duh!
Reply:For our skin it's easier to see imperfections because we don't have black/brown to distract. You should see my mom without her make up.
Reply:Pursuit of eternal youth has always been with us and as I recall, a Spanish guy named Ponce De Leon looked for the fountain of youth for Queen Isabella in the new world. But an obsession with chasing ways to stay young looking has increased in many cultures (you note I do not say it is race based, because I do not believe it is).

The main reason is that Baby Boomers are getting older and they already realised that they look and act younger than their parents. So the cosmetics and fashion industry jumped on that.

So did plastic surgeons. However, no matter how much money you have, having the outside look young, because that is really what you're talking about, it's all in the genes.

Baby boomers are now bombarded with products and advertising that tells them they can stop or reverse the skin aging process and stay young looking like their daughters.

Some darker skin types cannot use plastic surgery because of the affect of surgical scarring on their skin.

It's also in the diet and how well you treat your body and allow your skin to renew itself.

There is no standard as you call it of beauty, youth, etc. I know women of all races who age beautifully. And it depends on where you are looking for the image you desire. Ever look at Ebony instead of Elle? The one race theory is so limited and excludes beauty everywhere.

Among the most beautiful women in the world, I think those from the Middle East look spectacular when young and then many age quickly because of the climate and other factors as well as genes. As older women they are still very beautiful inside and it shows in their eyes, so who cares about the wrinkles.

Face it. No woman in this day and age from Generation X on wants to look older. Our mothers and grandmothers knew what true beauty is and did not have this insatiable appetite to find products.

But advertiser sell products and they sell them to the willing. If you look really close you'll see they're selling them to everyone, and not just to a white image. And if the standard of age and beauty is so important, why not address instead the damage that the fashion industry has done to young women who develop anorexia to try to achieve a size one they would never have had genetically to begin with.

And if you want to find people who "bloom" earlier and don't "fade fast " you need only look to the Ethiopians who historically have been among the most beautiful people in the world. And what about the Swedes?

Alas! Your question is about race and not beauty.
Reply:Whenever I see an old lady trying to look young still I just laugh. Give it up.
Reply:There are cultural differences but it probably has little to do with race. Although, some very light skinned people are more susceptible to damage from the sun. You are just making generalizations and every individual is unique. The truth is most women of all races are most attractive when they are young. The skin gets more loose and wrinkled as they age, and they lose muscle mass, and gravity keeps working on them. This is natural and it is the same for all women.
Reply:everyone wants to look white

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