Saturday, April 24, 2010

What does it take for me to be........?

a model?

im 13, but i want to start. i really love teh fashion industry and i have doe modelling jobs before, but only a few times, ive really loved it so far. ive heard i need to make a portfolio, and and agent to book jobs. if you have any experience or know anything about it it would be very helpful.... around LA, California please, not too far away.

in 5'7

waist is 25

little past shoulder length dirty blonde curly hair, looks good striaght too = ]]

green eyes

pale skin

people tell me im pretty, but not in the usual way. theytell me im unique, and i think this would also help me in this business, becasue i hear that you have to be pretty, but not average.

i dont know that much about modelling though, any type of thing you know can help me please.

thnks.. and sorry for typos lol

What does it take for me to be........?
You need to look for a manager

They will then help you with everything you need.

And they will keep you outta the scams!
Reply:you want to be a model... hmmm i didnt know that... you'd be cute, that dosent really answer your question, but like i'd know anyways... ask TK she could prolly help

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