Saturday, April 24, 2010

Do you trust and/or believe everything u see and hear from the news/media?

Some people are too gullible and arrogant. Here are a few facts based on what i know at the moment There is a natural cures for EVERY single disease out there, but natural herbs or remedies cannot be patened therefore no money can be made off them so they are debunked and suppressed by the pharmaceutical industry controlled news/ media. If a disease was to be cured they could no loner make any more money by selling all these ineffective medicines that simply supress the symptoms with side effects that worsen the condition of ones health. The sun doesn't cause skin cancer- SPF sunblock lotions have cancer causing agents, Vitamin E from the sun actually helps prevent it. We are not running out of oil, thats just a gimmick to raise prices on any products that utilize the use of it, it was used in the early 1980's just to raise gas prices. FDA? wonder why foods and drugs are under one single branch when theyre obviously 2 very different things. What are you eating? Make sense? thatsnot all

Do you trust and/or believe everything u see and hear from the news/media?
It’s all a conspiracy.
Reply:I certainly would not
Reply:nope alot of it is gossip
Reply:Not much at all from the secular media
Reply:The media is biased. People should make up their own minds about something instead of believing everyone else.
Reply:The media are more into entertainment than informative value these days. Just as one might say, "Buyer beware," when dealing with businesses, so should the public understand that it's also "listener/viewer/reader beware" in reference to the media.
Reply:Hell no! And I've been well aware of the propaganda that stems from our so-called media for several years, and I'm glad to see more and more people realizing the facts. Thanks for asking a most informative question, keep em coming, there's a lot of people that need to see both sides of the spectrum.
Reply:I dont believe all what I hear and see from the media.
Reply:I agree with you about natural cures. Since there is a hole in the ozone layer, the sun IS dangerous, and one should limit one's exposure to the sun without protection. One could not stay in the sun long enough to get a healthy dose of Vitamin E. We have Vitamin Supplements. I believe we should switch to an alternative fuel. SOON! The growth hormones they are putting into our food is very scary. I am opting for more fresh fruit and vegetables. They are putting growth hormones into Beef and Chicken and Pork, and then stuffing "get skinny" gimmicks down our throats!!! I do not trust the news media at all!!! Coffee is good one day and bad the next. I believe half of what I read %26amp; see on TV. Out of some people's mouths, I believe NOTHING!!! I want the drug industries out of the pockets of poiticians. It is ridiculous for drug companies to advertise on TV and radio and then we are supposed to go to our Doctor and TELL HIM WHAT WE NEED. My Mom was a Registered Nurse, and when I got sick, I went to the Doctor she worked for or he came to our house, he would diagnose my symptoms, and then prescribe treatment that HEALED ME. The media is acting in wreckless disregard of the health of human beings.

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