Saturday, April 24, 2010

Why do women want boob jobs?? lip jobs and other crap??

honestly.. this is an industry unique to women and homsexual men and dare i say the odd and rare metrosexual male..

who thinks it is a good idea.. stuffing your flesh and stiching up your skin to undergo some plastic remodelling of your nose or breasts.. or having eyebrows lasered on for life.. that kind fo thing.. do wqe need it?? is it a waste of resources?? and should I pay my health premiums so women can go out and get expensive boobjobs??? my ex wanted one and for 5 years i said no.. she left me saying i controlled her and i now expect her to get that boobjob.. somehow.. i hope the things burst in the sun one day.. nasty aint i..

Why do women want boob jobs?? lip jobs and other crap??
Most of the women who want breast implants, collagen lip injections, etc. have been brainwashed by the media as to what the "ideal woman" looks like. Women ARE judged by their looks far more than men are. I agree with you though, it's not natural and beauty is so much more than a pair of boobs!
Reply:I agree, plastic surgery is not a healthy choice in most cases.

Your insurance is NOT affected however, as this is elective, and usually not covered by insurance.

There is a place for plastic surgery, horrible disfigurement to accident or fire perhaps.

Like any surgery it is dangerous and it seems to me most frivolous.

I shouldn't judge though. I had a great rack so I don't really know how it feels to be a less desired state. Actually, the reverse is true, I didn't like all the attention to my body.

I agree with the first responder, women are judged on their looks, not fair to anyone involved.


EDIT: There are 2 pics on my 360.
Reply:First of all, 1 in 5 cosmetic surgery patients are now male and no they are not all homosexual. My brother has had a rhinoplasty and I know plenty of other males who are quite straight who have had various procedures.

Secondly, what a woman or man chooses to do with their face or body is their business and no-one elses. I'm not sure what you mean about paying health premiums so women can have surgery, because cosmetic surgery is not usually covered by health insurance unless it is partly a functional problem such as breathing difficulties with the nose.

Thirdly, I met my husband before I had any work done, so there is no deception on my part. My husband supports me and just wants me to be happy. If I choose to spend my money on cosmetic surgery instead of buying a new car or expensive holiday, I don't see why anyone should have an issue with that.

As the first poster said, there is great deal of social pressure for women to look good. The same can be said for men, but not to the same degree. This pressure leads women (and men) to seek out ways to improve their appearance.
Reply:I would agree with the first answer. The media has totally brainwashed people. Overly shallow people are also the culprit. It is because of people who judge others on their looks and not their personality. Everyone thinks they need to be that perfect size 0 and have huge dd boobs because that is how the media portrays a perfect woman. Well beauty is only skin deep and the people who are overly obsessed with their looks are usually not very personable people anyway. Who would want to spend their life with a woman who had the perfect body, perfect face and no personality what so ever. Someday that woman will be just as equally looking as the woman who didnt go through all of that **** to look the way they did. I dont understand why woman can't be normal looking and work with what god gave them. (unless its a medical reason of course)
Reply:i seriously dunno if ya find out can you tell me???

i think ppl like that are really dumb

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