Saturday, April 24, 2010 is my total summary. (on me wanting to be an a&f kids model)?

So. I am 5'9 %26amp; 120 lbs. i am very slim but not too slim. i am very healthy %26amp; active. i play soccer basketball and softball and eat right.My skin is clear.

i have long blonde hair and dark blue eyes.I have talked w/ an agent 4 abercrombie kids and he said by the looks i could more than likely make it in the modeling industry.-but thats def. not all it takes. By my description, what do think about me trying to turn my dreams into reality. and btw, i am only 12. =) is my total summary. (on me wanting to be an a%26amp;f kids model)?
oh danggg . you're really tall for being 12!

follow up with the a%26amp;f guy and try to get the position. i`m sure you'll look great for it(=

and if anything, i'm sure you can model for some other company/mag. because of your figure. Modeling agencies are sometimes advertised in girl mags, like seventeen %26amp; cosmogirl. those magazines also hire models for their pics.

good luck(:
Reply:i don't think you can be an a%26amp;f kids model and be that tall.

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