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Can I model?

If i'm a 5'8" (17yr old) female wtih a thin yet athletic body type?

I have clear skin, straight teeth, and an outgoing, ambitious personality. I'm not conceited but I adore the fashion industry and I feel trying modelling would be a great experience.

What type of modelling would be best for me or should I not bother because I'm not super thin and super tall?

Can I model?
Go ahead and send pictures to some agencies in NYC if you're really serious about it. Try Ford, IMG, Elite New York, Next Models NY or Wilhelmina New York. If those don't work out, try a smaller, up and coming agency like New York Model Management or Major Model Management. You'll need to fit into an adult size two to be able to wear clothing used on fashion shoots. And to have thick skin because agents and scouts can be really mean sometimes.
Reply:try getting an agent then go to castings to see if you can make it.

but remember to be open for all sorts of new stuff, like changing your look, because those casting people are looking for blank palletes. :]
Reply:if you're hot you can model.
Reply:if you set yoru mind to it. you can accomplish anything. thats what my mommy always told me. :)
Reply:I think it's best to ask a modeling agency, not us....but you sound like you could be a model :)
Reply:if its what u love and your dream go for it
Reply:The minimum height for modeling is 5'6'' and a half, so you could go for runway or editorial. Try finding an agent and take some training. Afterwards, you'll be introduced to small brands like Isaac Mizrahi (i spelt it wrong) and Rampage. But, that's how you'll first start. Don't lose any more weight; being thin and athletic is very pretty, and you'll have way more oppurtunities if you have some meat on you.
Reply:Um im 13 and im 5`7 and you have to be like 5`9 to make it in the0 Modeling industry, start by modeling at Fashion Bug =]

In about 5 or 6 months ill be 5`9, and i will be able to model when im 14 or 15, ill be able to model for high line ppl, i started out at fashion bug.
Reply:sure, but it's not all about the looks.

you need the passion and the talent

Reply:You don't have to be super tall. 5'8" is generally the low end of "typical" modeling heights, so you're fine there.

It depends upon what type of modeling you hope to do. High fashion/runway usually looks for a model that isn't "athletic", someone super thin. There are plenty of other types of modeling and/or acting. Catlogue and advertisement work is generally plentiful. The first, most difficult step may be finding an agent you can trust.
Reply:Well it depends who you want to model for. I think runway models have to be at least 5'10" or something insane like that. But if you want to model for Gap, or AE, or something like that, you probably could.
Reply:i think you can! a girl that im cool with at my skool, shes 14 and she just got signed with a modeling agency yesterday. she can take beautiful pictures and is very photogenic. im pretty sure u can do it if a 14 yr old can
Reply:Sorry I wouldnt know how to become a model or anything, but words of wisdom... I say go for it! You say your ambitious? Then try! If you have true talent, no doubt you'll get offered a job, then who knows... maybe become bigger than Tyra or Heidi one day!
Reply:tall and skinny is a very popular look in the fashion industry.

all i would say is make sure you know that whatever they say is not necissarily true and that they are going to be throwing stuff at you all the time (not litarelly) and you might at some point feel like breaking down and giving up. but if you just go in knowing that there are thousands of other girls just as beautiful as you and some might even be more beautiful who want to model, and they might pick one of them over you for whatever reason, and your gonna be fine with that, then don't worry about it and try. i'd say start out modeling for something small like a local store or something like that, just to get the hang of it and see if its something you wanna do. this is all just advice coming from experience. hope it helps.
Reply:Most models are real tall and some are even gangly. In the industry most designers want people who have some sort of unusual beauty to them. Look at your face and if you have any imperfections in your face that make you look better then it may heighten your chance. The reason being it makes your face stand out. Try different poses and especially work on not tensing your face and keeping your body natural looking. Also, work on your walk make sure you stomp (but not to hard), plant your feet, are able to walk in really high heels and keep yourself looking fierce (a combo of sexy and serious in a scary attractive way...some girls really need to work on this). Keep the walk close to your personal style. Apply simple makeup and clothes for any interviews. Depending on how you face looks you may wanna do:

Commercial: Young, happy, not stern look

High Fashion: Unusual Beauty, doesn't really matter as long as you can make yourself look different ways easily

Runway: Fierce, Sexy, Kind of hard...sometimes makeup can make u look anyway depending on your face

Also many different designs call for almost serious looking, kind of stern face

Hope i helped! :-)
Reply:you should model wedding dresses
Reply:I think that if you posted a pic everyone would have a better opinion, but i think that trying modeling would be a great experience and that you should give it a try because who knows you could be really good at it. Go to your nearest modeling agency or make a portfolio at or another site like that to help you get started and maybe do an advertising for a local business and see where that takes you. I hope you have fun!

Pfft.. Go Figure Sister,

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